About us – My Pet Frame UK

About us

''We simply love pets & art!''

As pet lovers ourselves we know just how much mischief and mayhem even the smallest little furry friend can get up to when your back is turned; which gave us an idea…

Your pets are like members of the family with their own personalities, cute little habits and favorite places to rest and relax. And the truth is, they really do think that they own the place. We can tell that they’ve been waiting for years and years to put their mark on the house and start decorating it in their own signature way, so we created a way for them to show the whole family who the real boss is. In that moment My Pet Frame was born, and we’ve never looked back.

Since our first day in business our artists have been inundated with requests from fantastic felines, cute canines, and every other type of adorable animal you can imagine. Each one has requested their own hand drawn portrait be sent direct to ‘their’ door without delay, and because we’re animal lovers, we were only too happy to oblige. To really make them smile we even send their new masterpiece with a chic metal frame that brings their portrait to life.

Perfect for making a house a home for your favorite little friend.